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About Us

A Veteran Golf Program with a Mission

About Us

The Mission

The VGA is dedicated to enriching the lives of Veterans and their family members through the camaraderie and sportsmanship of golf. Annually, the VGA hosts more than 450 local tournaments across the country, culminating in a VGA National Championship each fall.

More Than a Sports Program for Veterans

The VGA develops programs that allow our members to compete, socialize, and remain physically active through the game of golf. Through local league play, regional tournaments, and national qualifiers, the VGA helps reinforce values like integrity, respect, and perseverance through the game of golf. Additionally, the VGA offers family-oriented activities that help Veterans and their family members increase the amount of quality time spent together, and be more active in their communities.

The Inspiration For Our Program

The Veteran Golfers Association started as an idea amongst Wounded Veterans at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. Several friends routinely got together to play golf courses around the area to encourage each other to not only improve their games but to also heal through camaraderie and competition. After recovering from their injuries, these friends relocated around the country and missed the opportunity to compete against one another regularly.

Realizing that other Veterans might be in this same situation, these friends got together in 2014 to create the Veteran Golfers Association, the first golfing organization dedicated to promoting the game to all Veterans and their family members.

The VGA is working tirelessly to create golfing programs that will keep Veterans, their family members and children active in the game of golf for many years to come.